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Over thirty years ago, in a small town located within the French Côtes d’Armor, a man created a hotel whose international fame now extends far beyond the boundaries of the creative and accessible gastronomy he offers, a talent which many envy him for.

Jean-Pierre Crouzil, a true lover of the food produced from the sea and the land where he grew up, has raised a temple dedicated to Breton gastronomy.

His restaurant expresses all the creative passion and experience acquired in the course of many years and countless contacts with fellow chefs. The decoration designed by Colette Crouzil is both modern and refined, creating a welcoming setting adorned with her own paintings.

The family adventure continues with the return of his Maxime son to the furnaces. After having made its classes near famous chiefss like Norman Joel, Gerard Besson, Maxime finds his native area and the head office.

Jean-Pierre Crouzil is a purveyor of happiness; a chef truly dedicated to his work with the aim of offering his customers the finest cuisine conjured by his team and himself. His regular clientele enjoys his consideration as much as it appreciates his dynamic, changing cuisine – an art that evolves with trends, adapts to clichés, but always remains innovative. Constantly in search of the finest associations for his recipes, Jean-Pierre Crouzil creates, but never imitates.

You can extend your pleasure by staying overnight in one of the 7 rooms inside the hotel “L’Écrin”. Each room bears the name of a gem, and offers a true wealth of comfort.

Jean-Pierre Crouzil will welcome you in the simplest of ways; he will make sure you are fully content all the time you share his company, and you will not live to regret your passage here!